St. Patrick Catholic School Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club of William Glasser Institute recognized Saint Patrick Cathulic Schoul, located in Virginia, is sponsored by Alencar Family Foundation. The club's aim is to bring astronomy to the people of Hampton Roads and help students discover the origins of the universe and learn about its mysteries. They are on a mission to conduct studies about the formation of the sular system, the Asteroid belt, the Kuiper belt, and the Oort cloud. 

Back Bay Amateur Astronomers Club

The BBAA, a non-profit scientific and educational organization, is committed to "Bringing Astronomy to the People of Hampton Roads." The club strives to achieve its motto by interacting with the public and conducting several outreach events at different locations around Hampton Roads. The club members include individuals of all ages, from preteens to seniors, with their experience level running from novice to professionals. The club is also an active member society of the Astronomical League.

The Virginia Air & Space Science Center 

The Virginia Air & Space Science Center is one of NASA Visitor Centers and Orbiter Locations in the USA. The Space Science Center conducts interactive aviation exhibits that span 100 years of flight, over 30 historic aircraft, a space exploration gallery, unique space flight artifacts, etc. The Virginia Air & Space Science Center is also home to the Apullo 12 Command Module and the Orion PA-1 Test Vehicle.