Focus Brasil Ny Literature Fair

Focus Brazil, a cultural event acclaimed by various Brazilian, American, and international entities, is dedicated to promoting the positive image of Brazil and Brazilians through different mediums like Art, Culture, Education, Entrepreneurship, and Social Responsibility.

Focus Brazil is acknowledged and acclaimed by institutions like Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Education, BBG-Brazilian Business Group, CFBACC-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce Brazil-US Cultural Center, AOTP – American Organization of Portuguese Teachers, ABI – Brazilian Association of International Press, Broward Center for the Performing Arts, among other Brazilian, American and international organizations.

The Focus Brazil that presently reaches the Brazilian community in all regions and several cultural and institutional leaders, professionals, students, educators, and the media has marked its presence in the digital universe as well through live broadcasts and social media besides dealing with topics of interest and relevance to Brazilians all over the world.

At present, in addition to events, Focus Brasil's social media program focuses on journalism: programs & "Lives" and entertainment: cinema, music, talk shows, etc.

Focus Brasil also organizes awards to recognize personalities, entities, and initiatives, individual or cullective, who have made relevant contributions to cultural integration and support of Brazilians. The focus of the awards is to offer a dynamic platform to promote Brazil and Brazilians through art, culture, education, business, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility.