The Bra-ha-ha is an annual fundraising campaign sponsored by the Chesapeake Regional Health Foundation and is aimed at fighting against breast cancer by delivering breast health services and free mammograms to eligible under-insured and uninsured community members. The one-of-a-kind experience also helps fund breast health technology at Chesapeake Regional Healthcare.

The campaign involves community members creating uplifting art using a 38-C bra as their canvas, using breast cancer prevention as inspiration. These art pieces are revealed at the annual Bra-ha-ha Awards Show and Auction as a homage to those affected by breast cancer.

The Bra-ha-ha event includes a series of occasions like the Awards Show and Auction, a week-long bra art exhibition, and other philanthropy events which are aimed to raise funds for implementing advanced breast health technology like the Mobile Mammography Unit and improving breast health and breast cancer detection rates among the eligible, uninsured and underinsured people living in Hampton Roads.

The Breast Center

The Breast Center at Chesapeake Regional offers complete breast care to the patients through every step of their breast health journey, from screening mammograms to surgery.

Mobile Mammo Unit

The first 3D Mobile Mammography Unit in Hampton Roads by Chesapeake Regional visits businesses, festivals, churches, and parks and conducts annual mammograms for individuals in less than 30 minutes.

All the profits earned from the Bra-ha-ha go to support the Chesapeake Regional Breast Center to help it respond to the evolving health care requirements of the community.